Proclear Multifocal XR 6 Pack


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Proclear Multifocal D/N XR contact lenses are specially designed to provide those with a higher level of astigmatism with extended ranges of powers (XR), as well as help correct vision for those requiring a “D” lens for a dominant eye and an “N” lens for a non-dominant eye. The Balanced Progressive technology of Proclear Multifocal D/N XR contact lenses combine spherical and aspheric optics and unique zone sizes to produce create the “D” and “N” lenses that work together to provide a new level of vision quality.

This product page is for “D” (dominant) lens only. Please see this link for “N” (non-dominant) product page.Combined with CooperVision’s PC Technology that keeps contact lenses moist all day, wearers can enjoy a more comfortable lens-wearing experience.

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